About us

Although our company name is not widely known, Hexadex products can be found in all aspects of everyday life. You encounter them in trucks and buses, cranes and excavators. You may also have eaten food produced using equipment manufactured by our group. Hexadex companies make some of the hidden components and machinery that contribute to your day-to-day activities, from helping vehicles to operate efficiently to reducing air pollution in cities.


“To grow as an independent, global group of exceptional engineering businesses providing high quality, elegant engineering products and solutions that are valued by our customers worldwide.”

Elegant Engineering

We aim to make products that are clever and innovative – products that are made to the highest standards using modern, efficient processes.


Our independence comes from our private ownership which enables us to take a long-term view that promotes a sustainable, enduring future for the group.


We strive to understand our customers’ needs, providing creative solutions that deliver value, surpass expectations and enable us to stand out from our competitors.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Our success starts with our PEOPLE. We strive to recruit great people that share our Values and we encourage them to shape and achieve our goals. We work with an open and transparent approach to keep our teams informed about the performance of their own business and the Group as a whole and provide employees with opportunities to share in the success of the company. We also encourage our people to bring fresh ideas to improve their businesses, not just to turn up and do a job. Having great people that are well-rewarded and motivated means that we can supply exceptional products and solutions to our CUSTOMERS. It is only by consistently meeting the needs of our customers and contributing to their success that we can capitalise on new opportunities and achieve our ambition for long-term GROWTH.

In turn, this leads to improved PROFITABILITY by having innovative, value–adding products that are made and delivered efficiently. We re-invest the majority of our profits back into our businesses every year to consistently build our capabilities and infrastructure. By carefully managing our CASH, and having a balanced and progressive approach to the management of our businesses, we can create an enduring and prosperous future for all of our STAKEHOLDERS. These include our suppliers, our customers, the communities in which we operate, our shareholders and our people.

The Old Court House
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